Radiesthesia Text

In addition
to the visible rays, there is a broad spectrum of radiation which we
can not directly perceive, but which is biologically very effective
(infrared, microwaves, radioactivity, etc.).

body can be compared to a control loop that reacts to stimuli. Only
some of these stimuli can be perceived through our senses. Some can be
measured with instruments, others show themselves only indirectly
through a bodily reaction.

reactions induced by a certain place or situation can only be
diagnostically verified and analysed by elaborate blood tests
(Bergsmann*), muscle tension tests or similar methods. The vibration of
the rod can be regarded as a direct bodily reaction to a certain

is known from electro science that even frequencies with low radiation
can have a great effect if they get into resonance with
electro-chemical signals of the body itself.

is a constant exchange between our body and our environment and our
bodily reactions are more subtle than we assume them to be.

“Risikofactor Standort” University bookshop Facultas, Vienna (Influence
of geological structures and water reservoirs on man).